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Forester stove

Forester stove

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
status: in stock 

The forester stove is a different product that is designed and manufactured by Ramesh Sanat Arak Company for cooking into the heart of nature. This unit has two cooking and chimney parts.

– High temperature
– No annoying smoke
– Cost-effective in wood use
Cooking food into the heart of nature and forest is one of the most exciting and fascinating activities that its memory never goes away from the mind of humans.

During these trips, it is always a concern for all travelers and eco-tourists to make fire and cooking on fire and its associated risks.

But for this healthy and lovely recreation, there are also simple and safe ways which, of course, will keep the memories in mind; the ways in which we can avoid the risk of fire and littering the nature and, moreover, our food is not burned and there is no trouble for making fire.

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The Ramesh Sanat Arak Company suggests using a forester stove to help make the fire and make cooking more convenient.

A forester stove, without the need to fanning, delivers oxygen to all parts and prevents annoying smokes, saving coal preparation and wood consumption without the help of fossil fuels, and by creating high heat, it is a unique device for cooking in nature.

You can enjoy the smoke-free grilling experience with a stainless steel, washable forester stove.

Owing to the unique design, the stands of forester stove keep the stable position in any place.

The forester stove has two cooking and chimney parts.


This section itself consists of two parts.

First part of cooking :

This part of the forester stove is located on the upper part and consists of a stainless steel plate where the temperature is about 200-400 °C, suitable for grilling meat products and cooking different foods.

There are two ways to heat the stove:

  • high temperature, small woods can be used due to the higher contact surface
  • low heat, the thick woods can be used.

Second part of cooking :

In this part of the forester stove, there is a tray that is placed in three chimney portions and has suitable temperature, which can be used to warm up the ready meals, as well as to keep the drinks warm and to cook potatoes.

The next part includes the stands that are fitted to the desired location to keep stable position.

Forester stove chimney:

The burning process is done in this portion consisting of three parts :

  • The upper part is used to direct the flame;
  • the middle part is used for wood and charcoal, where the oxygen and fuel combinations are carried out;
  • and the bottom part is used for collecting the ash, which due to complete burning of wood, the ash is accumulated and drained through the below vent.
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