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Laser Machine RSA FL3015

Laser Machine RSA FL3015

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
status: in stock 

Ramesh Sanat Company has started researching and prototyping in the field of laser machine since 2015 due to the market demand as well as capabilities, and now, it produces the imported products inside Iran at the highest level of after-sales services.

Laser metal cutting machines are mainly divided into two groups: CO2 and fiber

The CO2 laser cutting machine is one of the oldest laser cutting machines, many of which have now been replaced by the fiber laser in the world, and many manufacturers are pushed toward the production of this machine.

Currently, about 90% of the world’s largest laser machine manufacturing companies are using the fiber technology.

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Advantage of fiber laser cutting machine
  • Much lower energy consumption up to one forth
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Less space occupancyر
  • Transmission of laser through optical fiber, compared with transmission of power through mirrors in CO2 machine.

The reason for the lower energy consumption in the fiber laser cutting machine relative to the CO2 machine is the application of optical diodes, which are the main source of laser production in this structure, while in the CO2 laser, a very complex process and many instruments such as resonator, and thus, Turbo-blower, vacuum pump, voltage circuits, etc. are used which consume a lot of energy.


The reasons for the lower cost of repair and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine comparing the CO2 are:
  • No need for periodic maintenance
  • No need for oil change
  • No need to use gas for laser production
  • Replacement of electrical and electronic cards as fast as possible when a fault occurs.

The RSA FL3015 laser cutting machine is a different product from Ramesh Sanat Arak Company, which is made of fiber and used with high power, especially in low thicknesses.

The components, motors, and heads of this machine are among the best ones in the world market, and this product is even competitive with world markets.

Ramesh Sanat Company is determined to offer the highest level of after-sales services given the manufacturing nature, and based on this idea, it has been using the world reputable manufacturers.


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