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Design and manufacture of steel structures

Design and manufacture of steel structures

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
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Designing and manufacturing steel structures is another capability of Ramesh Sanat Arak Company. In this regard, having unique capabilities, the steel frame systems are able to meet the demands of experts in this field.

In today’s world, with the advent of science and technology and the new demands in the field of steel structure engineering, the tendency to build prefabricated steel structures has been increased.

Also in the current era, having large spaces without the intermediate columns is one of the most urgent needs of the people involved in construction. In this regard, having unique capabilities, the steel frame systems are able to meet the demands of experts in this field.

Examples of steel frame structures include sports stadiums, cultural centers, community halls, industrial sheds and warehouses, industrial plants, shopping centers, hangars, recreational centers, train stations, etc.

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A number of reasons for the acceptance and widespread use of steel structures by the experts and structural engineers are as follows:
  • More attraction and beauty and the ability to design and manufacture various desired forms
  • More strength capacity due to high degree of indeterminacy in comparison with other common structures
  • Uniform properties of steel structure and long-lasting durability of steel, resulting in long operation period
  • Simple and fast production and construction of steel structures and cost-effectiveness comparing other structures
  • Possibility to develop the structure after completing the work
  • Prefabricated parts
  • Less space relative to concrete structures
  • Ductility
  • Integration of materials, which results in less vulnerability in the event of earthquake
  • Balanced material strength, steel structure strength
  • Retrofittability
  • Resilient properties of steel
  • Less waste of materials
  • Low weight of steel buildings
  • Complete sustainability of materials
  • Possibility of using non-destructive welding test devices
  • Ability to eliminate all possible defects in all stages of construction and installation of structure.

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, the capability of innovative design, precise production and construction of the steel structures and steel frames in a completely optimized manner with high quality in the shortest possible time, and gaining customer satisfaction by the Ramesh Sanat Arak Company are among other advantages


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