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Artificial grass preparation machine

Artificial grass preparation machine

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
status: in stock 

The artificial grass preparation machine is designed and manufactured by Iranian experts in Ramesh Sanat Arak Company. The machine can be used as manual or automatic for mowing the grass.

Given the changing trend in the modern world, it is a good practice to replace any product with one having better capability and quality, and replacing the natural grass with the artificial one is one of the smallest modern-day changes.

Due to the higher water consumption, climate and seasonal constraints and low resistance, natural grass has given way to artificial grass.

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An artificial grass is a product similar to natural grass by changing the color. This grass is denser and more durable and requires less maintenance.

Artificial grass is used in the areas that do not provide the necessary conditions for the growth of natural grass, or it is difficult to maintain natural grass.

Contrary to public opinion, artificial grass is used not only in football and other sport stadiums, but also in the places like playgrounds and parks, in penthouses as decorations, as well as in crowded places like boulevards and squares.


Among the advantages of using artificial grass, the following can be mentioned:

  • Economic savings: In the process of preparing artificial grass, some steps can be eliminated such as seeding, planting, fertilizing, irrigation, mowing, pest management, etc.
  • One of the most basic reasons for using an artificial grass is its permanence, provided that care should be taken properly and does not cause more fundamental problems.
  • One of the misconceptions about using an artificial grass is that it does not require maintenance.


Artificial grass, like any other artificial material, needs protection and maintenance.

One of the major problems encountered in the use of artificial grass is the crushing and loss of the initial state of the grass.

But this problem was solved by Ramesh Sanat Arak Company by designing and manufacturing the artificial grass preparation machine.

The artificial grass preparation machine is presented in both manual and automatic types.

The automatic type is equipped with a brush, gravel and granular material for grass mowing during the installation of grass, and the manual type is used for grass revival.

This machine increases the grass life and prevents the fibers from laying down and the accumulation of dust within the grass fibers.

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