About Ramesh Sanat Arak

About Ramesh Sanat Arak

About Ramesh Sanat Arak (RSA Agriculture Inc.)


Ramesh Sanat Arak (RSA Agriculture Inc.) is a sole priority company founded by the owner in 2007 to respond to Iran’s agriculture machinery market and doing maintenance for available products in the market.

Although we started with small/medium business scale, our brand grew fast and also, we exported our products to the other countries including, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Russia

Company is located in Arak , middle of  Iran that provides us an access to the railway and road transportation to the North ,East , west and South of the country, ports and the borders of different countries including , Armenia, Turkmenistan , Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan that enable us to develop our business and export our products using this transportation advantage to different countries in Asia and Africa by the economic cost of shipment for our customers in those regions .

Ramesh Sanat Arak core value is our customers, the reason why we can maintain and grow.

We adjust ourselves with the latest technology to provide the services that our customers looking for while our values are fixed.

We focus on innovation, we are farmers and know how to transfer farmers needs to our designs.

Farmers and farm owners have the golden experience that is much higher than knowledge and we are passionate to apply this golden opportunity to make a right product for the right customers.

we know that we should provide no question services for our customers to do their business more profitable, productive and consistent.

RSA Company engages in various CSR activities as part of its responsibilities about the society and environment to be a responsible industry citizen coalition.


Some of the activities we were included to care of our societies are:

  • Charity activities to help needy people in the city
  • Volunteer services for municipalities in providing green areas inside the city
  • Providing more than 40 jobs for each line of production
  • Accepting internship for the students to get the practical knowledge of work
  • Providing scholarship for hard-work students join us for doing research projects
  • Providing financial supports for workers and their families to purchase or rent home, car and appliances
  • Providing sport, educational and cultural facilities inside the city
  • Commitment to sustainable energy and products activities
  • Recycling activities and water resources responsible processes