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Baler RSA98-High Speed

Baler RSA98-High Speed

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
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One of the capabilities of Ramesh Sanat Arak Company is competing in Markets in the area with foreign products. This has led to importing products to countries such as Iraq, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. According to the analysis and studies carried out by the company and the importance of export, Baler RSA98 which is a high-speed model has been modeled and has now been sent to the market. Baler RSA98 is specifically for export purposes. Its advantages include efficiency and high speed.

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Specifications of Baler RSA98-High Speed
  • Hydraulic Pickup
  • Feeding System using two Handles for better quality
  • High Maneuver Potential
  • Transferring the Pickup Chain Using a Clutch
  • Tooth Pickup
  • Sending Required Pieces to Customers
  • Educating and Sending a Service Team After Selling the Product
  • Special for Export
  • Transferring the Machines in pairs of 10 to anywhere in the world
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Technical Specifications
Size of packets :
Cross section 46*36 cm
Length adjustable from 30 to 130 cm
Forage lift:
Internal opening width 156 cm
Input opening width 175 cm
Distance between the ending fingers 141 cm
Cylinder diameter 36 cm
Number of fingers 120
Number of pins holding the fingers 5
Density piston:
Displacement path 76 cm
Speed 93 pulses per minute
Diameter 73 cm
Weight 135 kg
Characteristics of the tractor :
Minimum output power of the tractor’s back shaft 41 horse power
Speed of the back shaft 540 rpm
Volume of the gearbox :
Volume of the required oil 8.3 lit
Oil type gearbox oil 90
Tires :
Right tire 205/65_15
Left tire 10/5-15
Total dimension :
Maximum height 175 cm
Length 478 cm while moving
Width 259 cm
Weight 1530 kg
Baler RSA98 Catalogue

Baler RSA98 Catalogue

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