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Baler RSA-SB96

Baler RSA-SB96

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made in: Iran
manufacturer: Ramesh Sanat Arak Co.
status: in stock 

Baler  RSA- SB96 is the second small square baler that we designed to reduce the depreciation of the previous generation and minimize the waste of hay while working. RSA-SB96 assist hay professionals to reach higher quality and value. More productive feeder and Pick up capacity, hydraulic bale density system and more inches in bale chamber provide even greater consistency in bale shape and density.

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Some of the main advantages of RSA-SB96 are:
  • Hay Compressor is adjustable
  • Larger window capacity to increase the productivity of the baler
  • Hydraulic bale tention
  • Centralized grease bank
  • Ability to precut the crop as it enters the baler
Characteristics of Baler RSA-SB96
  • Easy device transportation
  • Standby device
  • Easy feeding
  • High maneuverability
  • Low pick-up depreciation
  • High pick-up harvest width (180cm)
  • Hydraulic lift pick-up
  • Knotter cleaning system with dense air
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Capacity of 10 thread packs
  • One year warranty
  • 10 years After-Sales Service
  • Wide consumer goods sale network in Iran
  • Manufacturing more than 1000 devices annually
Advantages of Baler RSA-SB96 over previous generations
  • Eliminating standby mode while working in farm and road
  • Higher harvesting speed due to alignment of feeding system and density channel
  • Low depreciation due to harvest and density mechanism
  • In this mechanism, forage shedding is minimized due to uniformity of density and feeding paths
  • Since tractor and Baler move in the same direction, distance between harvest rows is minimized and it can move easily between rows.
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Technical Specifications
Dimension of Bales :
Cross section 36*46 cm
Length adjustable from 30 to 130cm
Internal opening width 180 cm
Effective working width 170 cm
Cylinder diameter 36 cm
Number of fingers 110
Number of pins holding the fingers 5
Density piston:
Displacement length 42 cm
Speed 93 rpm
Number of ball bearings 8
Diameter 75 cm
Weight 148 kg
Specifications of the Tractor :
Minimum output power at the tractor’s back shaft 41 HP
Speed of the back shaft: 540 rpm
Gearbox :
Required oil volume 3/8 Lit
Oil type Gear oil 90
Tire :
Tire of wheels 15-10/0
Feeder helix :
Diameter 33 cm
Total dimension :
Height 200 cm
Length 480 cm
Width 230 cm
Weight 1980 kg
Baler RSA-SB96 Catalogue

Baler RSA-SB96 Catalogue

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